Create online store - increase your sales hundreds of times


Create online store – increase your sales hundreds of times

Create online store – increase your sales hundreds of times

Creating an online store today is nothing less than opening an offline store.

E-commerce is gaining unprecedented momentum and the online store is one of its varieties. Every year the number of Internet users is growing, traffic is growing and users are becoming more demanding. That is why if you are selling in a offline store you simply need additional sales via the Internet. And if you do not have a offline store you don’t want to pay rent and hire staff, then an online store will become a real lifesaver for you.

Just imagine, any of your clients will be able to view your entire assortment from any convenient device without leaving home, choose what he needs, pay and receive the goods. And all this without looking up from a cup of tea. Isn’t it perfect?

Let’s look at what types of online stores there are.

We divide the types into conditional classifications.

1. Business Model:

    • sales only online;
    • combination of offline and online sales;
    • outsourcing. In this model you deal only with organizational issues and the outsourcing company takes care of everything else;
    • drop shipping. In the event that you sell not your product but the products of your suppliers.

2. Sales volumes:

    • retail;
    • wholesale trade.

3. Types of sales:

    • B2B;
    • B2C

4. Ways to earn income:

    • selling their own goods;
    • selling through an affiliate program;
    • content sale.

5. Ways of presenting goods in the catalog:

    • Internet showcase;
    • online store;
    • online auction.

You can either conduct online sales only or combine offline and online sales.

Advantages of the online store:

    • works 24/7, 365 days a year, without lunches, weekends and holidays;
    • the product may not be in stock but the buyer will still be able to view and pay for it. In this case you just need to debug the supply chain;
    • no need to spend money on renting a room, signboards, advertising, shelving, etc.;
    • the opportunity to enter the market even outside the native country. You can sell your products all over the world;
    • no need to hire staff;
    • no need to get a ton of permits from all kinds of inspections.

Do you want to increase your profit? Do you want to sell your goods and services to everyone, anywhere in the world, quickly and conveniently? Then quickly fill out our brief, and we will do the rest!