Landing page is a powerful selling tool


Landing page is a powerful selling tool

Landing page is a powerful selling tool

Landing page - probably everyone has heard this but not everyone understands its essence.

So what is a landing page? This is a one-page website that is all the information is on one single page. The purpose of such a website is to quickly and aggressively sell some service or product, subscribe to a newsletter or sign up for a consultation. In other words to encourage the client to take a targeted action.

Landing page advantages:

    • maximum concentration on any one sentence;
    • simple structure;
    • the “lightness” of the page and hence the high speed of loading.

The main structure of the landing page:

    • title;
    • information about a product or service;
    • benefits;
    • scheme of work;
    • certificates and diplomas;
    • price;
    • reviews;
    • order form;
    • additional elements to attract;
    • contacts.

Landing page is a tool for powerful and aggressive marketing.

Landing pages are also divided into several types, consider them:

    • click-through page. The type of page where the user only needs to make one click to perform some action. Most often, a page consists of one, maximum two screens;
    • lead generating page. The most popular type of landing page has application forms and CTA (call to action) buttons;
    • squeeze page. The so-called contact capture page. As a rule, it offers to receive some useful material in exchange for e-mail;
    • selling page. The name speaks for itself – a page for the direct sale of any product or service.

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