Responsive website layout is your future


Responsive website layout is your future

Responsive website layout is your future

Responsive website layout. Let's talk about why no modern website can do without it.

Mobile Internet traffic is growing every year. As of January 2020, more than 4.5 billion people use the Internet and mobile phones account for more than half of the time – 50.1%. And every year these numbers will only grow.

Therefore it is critical that your website has an adaptive layout for mobile devices if you don’t want to lose the lion’s share of customers.

So what is it - adaptive layout?

It assumes the absence of a horizontal scroll bar and scalable areas when viewed on any device, readable text and large areas for clickable elements. In other words – no matter what the user’s screen size is, he will be comfortable using your website – he won’t have to scroll left/right because it doesn’t fit, he won’t have to strain his eyesight to read the text, and he won’t have to play the game “hit the button” because it is small.

More than half of internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

Consider the advantages of adaptive layout:

    • mobile traffic is very fond of search engines and prefer websites that have adaptive layout;
    • in addition the mobile Internet is slower than usual which means that the mobile version of the website should be “lighter” and faster, which also has a positive effect on search results;
    • guarantee that absolutely any user from any device will have the best possible experience to interact with your website;
    • expanded audience coverage for business;
    • analytics and attendance tracking separately from mobile and desktop devices.

Do you want a website that will be adapted to any screen size and any device? Want more customers on your website? Fill out our brief and leave the rest to us!