Business card is the best way to speak about yourself


Business card is the best way to speak about yourself

Business card is the best way to speak about yourself

A business card website is a way to quickly and efficiently tell about yourself or your company.

The main purpose of such a website is to briefly acquaint a potential client with the company, what it does, see examples of work and contact it.

Most often the following sections are distinguished on a business card website:

    • the main page which contains superficial information and also serves as a starting point for other sections of the site;
    • page with information about the company – a short story about the company, for example, when it was founded, what it does, it’s also possible to introduce the company’s employees;
    • a page with a list of offered services or goods;
    • page with examples of work, portfolio;
    • a page with company contacts, such as phone numbers, e-mail, links to social networks, an interactive map of the office location and a feedback form;
    • other sections, depending on the specifics of the company.

A business card is a brief presentation of the company, its services/products, examples of work and contacts.

Distinctive features of a business card:

    • information content;

    • individuality;

    • conciseness;

    • availability.


You ask – what is the difference between a business card website and a corporate website?

    • a business card consists of no more than ten pages while a corporate site can have a huge number of pages;
    • a business card doesn’t provide customers with exhaustive information but only superficially answers their questions;
    • a business card is “easier”, more accessible and understandable and therefore cheaper to develop and further maintain.


But in the future any business card can be turned into a full-fledged corporate website by adding useful functional modules to it.

We hope that we were able to answer the question of what a business card is and in which case it is better to use it.

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