Web design. Let's talk a little about him


Web design. Let’s talk a little about it

Web design. Let’s talk a little about it

Web design - have you ever wondered what is meant by this word?

Of course the main task of any website is to sell or convey information to the client. But let’s take for example 2 websites that perform exactly the same function – they sell an author’s book. The purpose of the sites is one, the result is one output.

First website. It has harmoniously matched colors, a pleasant and readable font as well as the location of all elements as convenient and intuitive as possible. You don’t need to strain your eyes and search for this or that element throughout the website (buy button, feedback form, contacts, etc.).

Second website. It has boring or, on the contrary, “pull out eye” colors. The font is either too large, that you have to “run” around the screen with your eyes, or too small, that you have to strain your eyesight a lot. The “Buy” button is generally located on a different page, to which no link leads, except for the item in the main menu. The same with the feedback form and contacts. You have to make a lot of extra clicks, then go back.

Agree, in the case of the first website, everything is much nicer and more convenient. And you have to really want this book to get to the “final stage” in the case of the second website. And anyway, even after doing what you came to this website for, you will remember the unkind words of its owner.

That is why the development of thoughtful and beautiful design is so important.

Usually design is divided into 2 types – UX and UI. Let’s talk about each of them.

UX design is user experience.

UI design is the user interface.

UX (user experience).

The UX designer thinks about how the user will interact with your website.

Let’s take a household case as an example – you have 2 knives. Both perform their function – cut. But one has such an ill-conceived handle that it constantly slips out and you have to shift it in your hand every now and then. And the other has a very ergonomic handle, fits perfectly in your hand and from this you cut products 2 times faster. This is exactly what a UX designer does, he created, first of all, a convenient handle, which is pleasant and comfortable to use. The same with websites – when you always have contacts and menus before your eyes, when you are offered to perform some action and the button for this action is right there, at hand, when the description refers to some product or service and the text immediately links to the page with this product or service.

UI (user interface).

The UI designer thinks over the visual style. It determines how your website will look visually.

If we take the same knife as an example, you have decided which knife with which handle is more convenient for you, but such a knife is available with a black, white and yellow handle, and also with a gold one with a dragon engraving. Here you also have to choose which color of the handle you like best. It’s the same on the website – after the UX designer has thought through the user experience, the UI designer decides what color the background will be, what color and size the buttons will be, what font will be used, etc.

Now you know what web design is, what it is for and what it consists of.

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