Website security - never neglect it!


Website security – never neglect it!

Website security – never neglect it!

Website security is a very important process during development.

What do you think is the most popular login on the Internet? That’s right – Admin (admin). And this means that if you use one, then you make it easier for attackers, no matter how complex your password is. You should never use such a “standard” login, and if you look at the statistics of the most popular passwords, then getting access to your website becomes very simple.

In addition to simple password brute force attacks, attackers also use other methods of hacking your site, such as a DDoS attack, hosting hacking, hacking through third-party modules, etc.

Never use simple login/password pairs!

What are the consequences of hacking a website:

    • an attacker can completely destroy the resource
    • he may also demand a “ransom” for the website;
    • drawdown in search engines;
    • resource blocking by the hosting;
    • sending spam and malware on behalf of your website;
    • gaining access to personal data of visitors (login, password, bank card data).

So how can you avoid such problems?

    • use complex, non-standard login/password pairs;
    • do not use the standard admin address;
    • use an SSL certificate;
    • use reliable hosting;
    • use only proven plugins, frameworks and libraries;
    • protect against SQL injections;
    • backup, backup and backup again – back up the website every day (or better, several times a day).

If you want to get not only a beautiful, functional, selling but also a completely secure site – feel free to contact us! Already now you can fill out our brief.